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From SkipperGuide, the online cruising guide for sailing areas around the world

Welcome to, the wiki-based maritime cruising guide

Everybody is invited to contribute and share facts and impressions about sailing locations.

Help to create a valuable information pool and add your knowledge!

cruising areas

Comprehensive descriptions are available about Norway (including Bergen, Stavanger and others), Canary Islands covering Tenerife and La Gomera

Under construction: Australia, United States with US Bays and the Aegean (Dodecanese around Rhodes), Great Britain (mainly Scotland, see Category:Great Britain), Azores

Sample articles: Annapolis, Sunndal, Stavanger, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Gigantes, Chalki



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Google Earth Export

GoogleEarth-Integration - the marinas and descriptions directly in Google Earth (please report bugs and suggestions for improvement here: SkipperGuide_Talk:GoogleEarthExport)


The idea behind: to build up an open platform, where

  • everyone can exchange experiences about his favourite sailing waters and
  • a valuable information pool can grow up with the summarized knowledge of all users

Maybe someone else was desperately looking for information about specific areas and found just rare and outdated facts. Further information, like good bars/restaurants or tourism hints were still missing.

SkipperGuide makes it easy, to contribute experiences: compare it with a homepage which everybody can edit.

This site exists because of its users and their contributions. You are invited to contribute your special experiences, recommendations and hints. It can be everything: new information about sailing areas, a hint for a good place to eat or drink, the nicest anchorages of an area or treacherous dangers. Everything, that is potentially interesting for other sailors or skippers. By doing so, this site can grow and can be kept up to date.

Just try it; it's easier you may think

Why to log in?

SkipperGuide allows everyone, to modify pages without a user account. However, it can be an advantage to create an account:

  • You can build up an identity and a name. It allows others to see, who contributed anything
  • You can track changes of interesting articles with a watchlist
  • Other users can send you mails, without showing your email-address in the public

Help and hints

  • Tutorial - Short introduction to editing SkipperGuide
  • Help - more advanced help topics
  • Template - Some ideas for structure and content
  • SkipperGuide_Talk:General - Place to start general discussions about SkipperGuide. Add discussions, which specific to a single article to the discussion page of this article.